Software to automate resource draining paperwork 

Instead of spending on data admin and manual error, you can redirect headcount into income-generating tasks, ensure quicker receipt of funds for healthier cash flow and create more time to focus on higher value-added clients or activities.

For 200 orders a day, even if 1% of processing errors are made, that is 2 high-paying wholesale customers that have to be consoled and managed. And as we all know, it is more cost-effective to keep a client than to find a new one.

This is how our software can help you automate your income - because it ultimately increases the value of your people, and your business.

Through our interface-software, we automate:

  • The way you receive and process PDF based orders
  • How you manage and input data into time sheets
  • The management of internal processes and documentation
  • And we've been able to deploy these improvements without having to change your ERP or throw the baby out with the bathwater.

How we do it - a custom solution for you

We've built in a series of exclusive features designed to help seamlessly implement the software:

  • Compatibility with all ERPs
  • Software customisation to suit your ERP
  • Automated customer invoice creation and customer deployment User interface checking facility, customised to your requirement 24/7 Australian based technical support

The difference with us is that we're not trying to sell you something we already have, we're trying to create a solution that is going to help solve the cause of your problem.

We've seen time and time again clients who spend time and money fixing a problem, and end up implementing costly systems that end up creating new problems and inefficiencies because the changes impacted so many other business areas. They failed to address the cause.

What we've realised is that we are only looking to help you make a 2% optimisation shift in your current processes by fixing the very place the causal inefficiency might be coming from in the first place, rather than relying on technology to just make the process 'smoother' - that approach just makes the process look nicer.

Our approach is what we call OPTIMISE. OPTIMISE is our methodology we work through with you to identify the trigger that is causing operational inefficiencies, and we solve that trigger.

We want you to continue using the systems you already have, because chances are they are pretty good for you at this point in time. But we have found time and time again, that just a slight 2% tweak to what you're currently doing, can deliver a 98% return. This optimisation framework helps us to identify this trigger, and tailor our software accordingly.

Through the success we have seen with this methodology when we apply it with our clients, we have built an unwavering confidence we can leverage our software and methodology to help you. This is why we don't bill you until after the job is done, and implemented.

Who we're for

We know we can't help everyone, that's why we always start our process with a discovery session. We're trying to work out if we're the right fit for you at your current business stage.

Our software is used mainly by manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers who usually generate up to 200 orders a day or spend about 1O hours a month processing orders or data entry.

Saving Time & Resources By Improving Process

Thompson’s Roller Shutters are leading Sydney based manufacturer and installer of Industrial and Commercial Roller shutters.

They are a user of Microsoft Dynamics NAV looking to automate the task of entering customer orders and invoice generation.

They needed required a provider who could analyse their  current system, recommend a solution and undertake the work within a time limit, without disrupting our current operations and customer service. 

Lyn Mcdonogh from Thompsons said;

Not only has Viseon fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage of the project, Viseon has also offered additional solutions to other areas of our business, such as payroll and we are currently in discussions regarding these.

Since integrating Viseon, we have greatly reduced the time spent on data entry tasks and noticed a considerable increase in the accuracy of the data recorded. Operationally this has allowed us to make significant cost savings whilst still maintaining a high level of service to our clients.

In the short time we have worked with Viseon we have found them to be knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Night N Day Comfort's business, products and the industry tare all extremely unique, as is the way the way they  receive and process orders and payments.

As such, off-the-shelf retail solutions simply could not accommodate their needs. Yet the time and labour cost of processing our orders was putting considerable strain on their business. 

They contacted us to explore whether a bespoke solution was available.

Michael Lakiss-Smith if Night N Day said:

Not only were Viseon able to automate our ordering processes – streamlining our 3 Shopify Stores, 1 eBay store and all our PDF Purchase Orders via email – but they also able to automate other labor-intensive tasks such as forecasting, and we are currently working together on enhancing our inventory management processes.

Further, Viseon Support was able to do all the above without us having to change our accounting software (MYOB) or any major systems that we use daily (Excel live collaboration).

Finally, Viseon was receptive to all and any feedback – whether great or small – allowing us to further utilise the services they offer. The services and final product provided, as well as Customer service received, is unparalleled. I highly recommend the Viseon team.

ERP's And Software Packages We Have Worked With 

We're ERP and software agnostic, which means our software can integrate and deploy with any ERP.  Through our experience, these are just an overview of some of the more well-known ERP's we have worked with.