About Us

Viseon Support us an off-shoot business of a leader in providing custom-built solutions for data extraction, system integration and predictive analysis, Eoneq Data. Our journey began in early 2017 from organic beginnings driven by demand from our own customer base. Minappi is one of Eoneq Data’s existing customers, and from their experience had asked if the team could help create a technology-based solution to solve a growing expense problem when it came to processing orders.

From the success of the system we created for Minappi, other clients requested licences as they could see how the implementation could help save time and money from their operations. Our approach and system development have been designed by the very people who use it on a day to day basis – our clients in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and wholesale sector.

And this is how Viseon was born. And we’re here to stay.

Starting out with Minappi

For some time, Minappi had questioned how much they were spending on the cost of data-entry labour-hire for order processing tasks. They saw it was an inefficient expense particularly when there were additional ‘fixing’ costs to remedy manual errors, not to mention the additional relationship cost when it came to liaising with frustrated customers.

After their experience with Eoneq, Minappi asked for help to automate the processing of the manual data entry. We spent months researching existing optimisation systems that would support our client without the need to change their ERP. We found that existing plugins and extensions were prescriptive with non-customisable templates, some even required our Minappi’s customers to change the way they placed orders which seemed to defeat the whole purpose.

None of these options were practical or cost-efficient, so we decided to build seamless software that would automate the small 2% of tasks that would result in 98% of the results.

We started small and simple, by automating the way PDF orders are received.

For example, when purchase orders are received, Minappi no longer has the data in the PDF physically input into a MYOB or Xero, but our software pulls the relevant data from the PDF which contains the PO and places it into the accountancy system ready for dispatch and billing – without having to rely on a pair of hands to do the work. This has increased internal efficiency for Minappi, helping them deploy their headcount into income-generating work.

We have helped automate their income and decrease manual error costs.

Minappi director, Michael Lakiss, explains “As our business grew a significant increase in manpower hours had to be dedicated to order processing.

What we needed was a support partner who could integrate across our current platforms and simplify this process.

Viseon understood our brief and was clear in offering a solution.

Our company now uses a custom solution that allows all order processing to be done in the one User Interface. Instead of manually entering data, Viseon is constantly reading for new orders.”

Our Team

CHRIS ROSENGREN - Creator of Viseon Support

A highly gifted computer scientist and probability theorist, Chris Rosengren paid his way through university with the profits he made from quantitative trading models that he built in his spare time.

Chris is driven by his interest in causal models – specifically, how the modelling changes between sparse and vast data sets – as well as the development of programming languages that have a functional, probabilistic and graphical nature.

COSTA BOUZANIS - Developer & Partner

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Costa Bouzanis decided to move on from a thriving career in Insurance Pricing in order to spend more time working on quantitative trading models with his friend and Co-Founder of Viseon, Chris Rosengren.

Costa's greatest interest lies in using computer vision to track and model the movement of physical objects.

NICK BOUZANIS - Research & Development

As Head of Research and Development, Nick Bouzanis is driven by an intrinsic love of mathematics and progress into machine learning.

Nick's biggest areas of interest lie in Bayesian statistics.

PETER FROST - Partner - Client Relations

With over 15 years' experience owning technology support businesses, Peter joins Viseon Support with a wealth of technical know-how and entrepreneurial drive.

Having previously exited several of his business ventures successfully, Peter understands the challenges and opportunities that lie within running a business.

His unique thinking and first hand operational knowledge of business management is a perfect fit for creating customised systems.